July 2012
A well preserved medieval town with a complete city wall, undamaged in WWII
because the US commander remembered that his mother had visited here
and convinced the German officer in command to surrender.
Clock in the main square at 8 PM
The Nightwatchman's tour was a highlight of our evening.
He presented the history of the town in a friendly, entertaining manner.
The city museum with its display of armor and artifacts, amazingly well preserved.

St Jacob's Church

Karen and family climbed the Rathaus tower
Hi guys!
The Bell in the Tower
Climbing the City Wall
Our hotel revealed the original medieval contruction

Even our rooms revealed the original stone
and looked out upon the wall itself

Looking down at the lobby
The churchyard across the street
Walking the outskirts of the town along the wall you can see the river and stone bridge in the distance
The Military Museum
Jacob emerging from the dungeon.
It looks like he's already been tried by a judge
According to legend, the mayor saved the town
with his amazing ability to drink an enormous tankard of ale
thus winning a bet with the attacking general.

The Criminal Museum

The town shops maintain the medieval theme

A quick stop at a shopping area near town is another example of our very important name (in German, Backofen = baking oven)