July 2012

Descendants of King Ludwig still live in this smaller building
below the castle.

Young Ludwig learned to swim in this lake

Neuschwanstein inspired the Disneyland creation.
This photo was taken from St Mary's Bridge
View of St Mary's Bridge from the Castle
More views from the bridge
View from the Castle
Our tour begins. Unfortunately no photos were allowed inside.

We traveled down from the castle by horse carriage
Next stop was Mt Tegelberg
We ascended Mt Tegelberg by cablecar
Others hiked to the top, rock climbed the cliffs
and even parasailed from the top
A beautiful view
but an ominous dark cloud on the horizon
Eating lunch on top of the world
A few minutes later everyone cleared out, visibility going to zero
Visiting the Weiskirche in the forest was our alternative to our cancelled bobsled run down the mountain
Pilgrims visit this church because of the statue of Jesus that was reported to have once shed tears.
Dinner in a restaurant in the forest
Lots of German food which definitely gained Jacob's approval