July 2012
Friedrich Wilhelm II greets visitors on Unter der Linden Strasse.
Souvenirs shops do too.
The Brandenberg Gate with enterprising actors for photo ops.
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
The spiral ramp of the Bundestag Dome

The view from the Dome
St Helwig's Cathedral known for its "hanging organ" and dome

The Berliner Dom

During our visit a soloist was rehearsing "Ave Maria"
During the climb to the dome a storm was rolling in
Berlin is a mix of historical and modern
The Berlin Zoo is the largest in Europe
with more species than anywhere else
The "Rhinoceros Whisperer"?
When called (in German) this animal crossed an entire field to greet us.

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Back on the Underground
to the 1936 Olympic Stadium
The site of Hitler's infamous games and Jesse Owens' success is now used for soccer games and concerts.

Adjacent to the wall is a new symbol of the city.
One segment of the Berlin Wall has been preserved for visitors.
Also a sniper tower remains
from which those 'deserting the republic' were fired upon