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Šplit, Croatia
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Šplit has a 1700 year old tradition
Roman Emperor Diocletian built himself a "retirement palace" here around 300 AD
With the passing centuries the original architecture of the palace has been altered and repurposed
At the sea level Diocletian had an escape route if necessary
Now tourists can visit assorted shops to remember their visit
Homes and apartments coexist among the original walls and towers
The forum is still a gathering place. Note the Sphinx taken from Egypt
The Temple of Jupiter has been repurposed as a church

I thought the nun at kneeling at the altar was praying
Actually she was cleaning the floor

This unual crucifix is located in the area behind the main altar
Look down onto the forum from the steps
Different views of the forum

A small alcove of the temple structure is used as
a Baptismal font

There is some legend about this headless sphinx at the entrance

Outside the palace wall
Old Town
View from our ship. A closeup of the palm trees along the street is below
Palm trees still decorated for the Christmas season
This area of the palace serves as a daily market
It's January 8th, but still the Christmas season in Šplit