Europe (January 2018)
Ploce to Opatija
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Our ship docked in the town of Ploce, Croatia
Time to leave the ship behind
Time to remember the places we had visited
And travel by bus
along the coast through the Croatian countryside
Stopping for lunch overlooking a 2000 year old town
We arrived at the seaside town of Opatija after dark and strolled through a park near our hotel
Oh what a beautiful morning!
The view from our hotel room
The town is very busy during the summer tourist season
Few tourists during the Christmas season
Mostly local people going about their daily activities
The seaside promenade is nearly 8 miles long
Unobstructed views during this quiet time of year along the promenade

The building next to our hotel once
welcomed Albert Einstein as a guest
while attending a conference

Many famous people have visited here