Europe (January 2018)

Korcula, Croatia

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Our ship docked next to the old town city wall

The island of Korcula is accessible only by ship.
There is no bridge to the mainland
Marco Polo was imprisoned here after the Battle of Korcula
It was his cellmate who wrote the account of his travels

The church in the following photos
is where we attended Mass in the evening

This museum houses both cultural and religious artifacts
A trip by ferry took us to another island

Where we visited a winery
And the towns of Ston and Mali Ston
An ancient defensive wall extended up the mountain above the town
We did not climb that wall
The section of the town adjacent to the wall was enough exercise
The wall is no longer effective for defense but it does serve as a venue for a tough annual marathon
Sea salt was a thriving industry from ancient times
Salt Beds
Railcar filled with Salt

There are festivals featuring traditional dress during the main tourist season

Today mostly local people going to church

Fishing is a year round activity
Our group is headed for the oyster beds
A fisherman explains the process of gathering oysters
We are provided samples fresh from the ocean
Wonder who first saw these and decided to eat them?
Lunch in a local restaurant
Strolling along the coast afterwards