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Dubrovnik Croatia
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Welcome to Dubrovnik, a beautiful city on the eastern coast of the Adriatic
An island off the coast accessible only by boat
Originally founded in the 7th century, the city wall is still intact
Fortifications in the old town
An ancient well
Streets still decorated for Christmas on January 4th

During the height of the tourist season these streets are packed with people
Lots of steps necessary to go about your daily routine
Exterior of a Museum
Inside there are memorials to those who died defending the city
and an ancient apothecary who now dispenses modern medicine
The harbor adjacent to the city wall
This main square can contain 16,000 tourists in the summer months
The plain exterior of this church hides its inner beauty
and distinctive expansive manger scene
Walking the city wall requires a lot of steep steps and inclines

Looking down from the wall
Some houses are directly adjacent to the wall
Looking down at the seaside
Assault from the sideside would be difficult here
View of the town of the wall
A defensive position but very quiet and serene now
Descending from the wall back down into the city
The Maritime Museum
These treadle sewing machine bases are used as tables in restaurants
Lunch in an Irish Pub
Our day in Dubrovnik is over
Our evening was spent with a local family visit
Dinner and music using traditional instruments