Aboard GCT's River Concerto
December 2012
December 2012
Never hungry on the River Concerto - Breakfast is always a buffet
Occasionally, to accommodate a tour schedule, lunch is a buffet too
Robert, our waiter, is always nearby
Lunch & Dinner are ordered from the menu and efficiently served by our waiters Robert and Xavier.
We made sure to sit in their station every single day.
I was really glad to see Robert again.
He was our waiter during our cruise in April.
He helped me practice my Slovak language skills every day
so I could communicate better with my relatives
during our visit in Slovakia after the cruise.
Dessert was delicious and beautiful displayed
Sometimes I ordered both options
I couldn't resist these during "high tea"
Sometimes dessert was on fire
and the entire crew was present

Our corner table always had fun together

The crew got into the spirit of local dress
when serving beer and sausage in the lounge one morning
This spirit continued during the crew show near the end of our cruise
One evening we were entertained by a wonderful children's choir.

This is our 3rd trip this year down this section of the Rhine,
famous for its castles and legends.

It's dangerous to navigate around the sharp bends in the river.
The signal device at left is used to warn ships of oncoming traffic

A famous bend is Lorilei rock.
Lucky us! Lorilei herself came onboard to say hello.

We took lots of photos during our trips here in April and July and the castles haven't changed since then
So only 2 castle photos this time since
Rheinfels Castle, which we explored for hours this summer, is our favorite ruin.
The River Concerto is a beautiful ship
Our cabin attendant Daniel is right next to Andy,
our cabin attendant during our April cruise. He remembered us!
Daniel is very creative with towels