Stara Lubovna Castle (2013)
August 2013
This was our third visit to this castle because it is only a few miles from my grandmother's village Šambron
It was probably one of the last sights she saw when she left for the USA in 1900
This was the first time our visit included a demonstration of falconry
Very impressive!

This was an important fortification for centuries since it was strategically located at the crossroads of trade routes, both north-south and east-west
The castle was occupied by a noble family until 1945
Restoration is ongoing and very well done

This area, the Renaissance Tower, was not yet restored during our last visit


The lifestyle of the noble family is documented in these photos

I took them in 2012.

They provide stark contrast to the lives of the peasants as shown in the skanzen below the castle
and that of the middle class townspeople as exhibited in the city museum