Letná škola
Slovenského jazyka a kultúry
Studia Academica Slovaca (SAS)
August 2013
Before we left for Slovakia we studied on our own with the only materials we had available
We wanted the complete experience so we lived in the hotel section of the student dormitory
See Joe waving from our window?
There was a bar on the ground floor. The legal age to drink is 18.
We even figured out how to use the washing machines
The welcoming ceremony was held in a very impressive building

160 students from 35 countries were divided into 13 groups according to ability. We were the oldest students by decades.
Joe joined the beginners in the A1 class. Eileen was placed in A4.

There was classwork every day
The University is located along the Danube.
There's a 'UFO' restaurant on top of the "new" bridge.
In the afternoon there was time to relax
and play
Some evenings were special
with music
and dancing
and traditional food
like this
August 21st marked the anniversary of the lives lost during protests against the Communist suppression of the "Prague Spring"
We learned the protest song "Pravda Vitazi" (Truth will Win)
Weeks later I saw a battle flag with the same phrase in the War Museum in Svidnik where the Russian and Czechoslovak armies fought the Nazis

We received our certificates in the closing ceremony
Then it was time to leave
Time to travel on our own and test how much we have learned