Stara Lubovna Skanzen (2013)
August 2013
Below the castle an open air museum (skanzen) has been created
Authenic buildings and artifacts have been gathered from all over the country
Byzantine Catholic churches were contructed entirely of wood. Wooden dowels were used instead of nails
These exhibits show the lives of children
In the 1880s the Austro-Hungarian government decreed
that all schools be conducted in Hungarian (Magyarization).
This was not well received by the Slovak and Rusyn people

Information is included as to the origin of each building, including the family name
The Sheptak (Šeptak) family once lived here. A Sheptak family immigrated to Forest City, PA and were friends with my grandmother

This was our 2nd visit to the skanzen
We took many other pictures in 2008 when I first searched for my roots. HERE they are