Central Slovakia (2013)
August 2013
The High Tatras are a popular destination in both winter and summer
The slope of the ski jump and the hotel matches the slope of the mountains behind them
This lake is Štrbské Pleso
A mountain lake with no visible source of water

This was the view from our hotel Tatra in Proprad
Our next stop was Cervený Kláštor (Red Monastery) located in a national park
This park is on the Polish border and a popular destination in both countries
We had lunch in the Gorel region of Slovakia at a traditional restaurant
I've eaten a lot of pirohy on this trip, just as Grandma (Baba) used to make
There was music
and dancing
and contests of traditional skill (The women won!)
Demonstrations of classic machinery
The owner restored these and actually uses some of them on the farm
Our next destination was this cave (White Cave)
But first a 1 km (3/5 mi) walk all uphill
The trail got rather steep at times
No photos in the cave, but another 800 steps!
A local dessert made it all better
Our final stop was the town of Kremnica,
best known for its mint founded nearly 700 years ago
producing coins for many countries. It is still in operation today.