August 2013
Although tram tracks exist, only bicyclists and pedestrians travel the town center of Košice
The State Theater anchors one end of the street
Lovely fountains in the park provide a peaceful setting especially at night when one fountain "sings" with music and a light show
St Elizabeth's Cathedral (14th century) is a dominant feature

St Michael's Chapel (built in 1330) is adjacent to the Cathedral

Excavations reveal the fortifications of an earlier Košice
Understandably, this area was not accessible to tourists

Every city has a monument in gratitude for the end of the plague
Košice is no exception
Jakobov Palace
Memorial: "Eternal Glory"
to those executed, tortured and pursued in the war against Communism

The "Peace Marathon" in Košice is the oldest marathon in Europe,
second in the world only to Boston

The Slovak Technical Museum
Wherever we travel, Joe is sure to visit the technical museum


Western influence is visible in Slovakia here as Pizza Hut
shares a building with the Obchodny Dom (department store) TESCO

Below is the huge US Steel plant outside of Košice

Ironically, thousands of Slovaks/Rusyns once immigrated to the USA
and worked in the American steel mills
which have since been closed or drastically downsized.

Now many of those of industries have been relocated to Slovakia