13 Castles of Slovakia (2013)
August 2013
We have visited castles throughout Europe and those found in Slovakia are as wonderful as those more familiar to western tourists
Bojnice Castle reminded us of Neuschwanstein
Trencin Castle - full of legends
Spis Castle - a UNESCO National Heritage Site
Bratislava Castle - Hungarian royalty ruled their empire from here for centuries
Nitra Castle - Site of Religious History
Devin Castle - Once a Roman Outpost
Strecno Castle - once collected tolls on the Vah River
Stara Lubovna Castle - overlooks the countryside where my grandmother was born
Krasna Horka - undergoing restoration after a tragic fire
Zvolen - an ancient building put to a modern use
Banska Stiavnica - 2 castles provided defense of this historically important town
Old Castle
New Castle

Orava Castle

This is one castle we did not visit

It's on our list for next year!