Bajerovce Festival (August 25, 2013)
August 2013
Bajerovce is the village just a few km down the road from Šambron, my grandmother's village
The population of the village is about 300, but over 1000 people attended this event
Traditional Rusyn songs and dances were performed by all ages
These girls were singing about the beautiful mountains. They used their wreaths to visually describe the text of the song
The final image of the mountains with a high peak (stit)
Some groups were professional
The festival began at 2 pm and continued until after sunset
Leaving the folklore festival there was quite a contrast just outside of Šambron - an array of solar panels
Šambron village is also a contrast of the old and new
The 19th century church is still the center of the village, but
new buildings have replaced the houses of my grandmother's day.
The contruction at right is being done at the address
on my grandmother's baptismal certificate.