Banska Stiavnica (2013)
August 2013
Gold and silver mining was the source of the wealth and importance of this town since the 13th century
The history of the "old" castle spans the 13th to the 19th centuries
It played an important part in the defense of this city throughout those turbulant years
This coat of arms reflects the mining industry of the area
This was the largest "plague" monument we've seen in our travels throughout Europe. Perhaps the town's wealth was a significant factor in that
The Calvary built on Scharffenberg (steep hill) is visible in the distance
Remnants of the old city wall are in the town center

Shops and restaurants line the main street
and lead back to the monument square
Mining museums provide infomation and exhibits about the importance of this industry in the town's history, both above and below ground
The new castle was built as a defensive fort during the Ottoman Wars.
Weapons, maps and paintings explain its significance.
Its strategic location provides a panoramic view of the countryside