Wertheim (2012)
April 2012
The market town of Wetheim ("Little Heidelberg") is located at the confluence of the Tauber and Main Rivers
The town has been very susceptible to flooding throughout its history
The 12th century Hoehenburg Castle overlooks the town
A wedding was in progress when we arrived at this square (Wenzelplatz)
The groom was a member of this local band waiting to greet them
Historical Structures of Market Square
The 16th Century "Angels' Fountain"
The owner of this glass shop
gave a glass blowing demonstration on our ship
The Historical Museum is housed in an old Baroque palace that also served as the city hall.
Exhibits include local religious art, arts and crafts, costumes
and other objects relating the city's history.

This painting depicts one of the severe floods.
This 15th Century Chapel of St Kilian
was locked during our visit