Stara Lubovna
April 2012
Between Trencin and Stara Lubovna lie the Tatras, still snow covered in April
This castle is about 6 km from my grandmother's village (Sambron). It was still occupied when she was a child.
The castle was built as a fortification
A small church was included on the grounds
The castle was controlled by nobles of different nations over the course of its existence.
When ownership of the castle was transferred, the surrounding villages went with it. Such was the life of the peasants.
Peasant village in the shadow of the castle
Original buildings from all over the country were gathered to contruct a "Skanzen" below the castle recreating village life. More photos

The family chapel in the castle
The church on the castle grounds is being renovated.
In the city of Stara Lubovna Juraj, my researcher, showed me the church in the main square while we waited for the records office to open
In the records office Juraj found the record of the birth of my uncle, Michael Mechock who was born in Sambron when my grandmother and her husband returned from America for a visit in 1904-1905.

We stayed at the Hotel Komeko
The owner maintains a museum of Rusyn Heritage
The owner Mikki the Rusyn and Joe pretending to be Rusyn