Rothenburg (2012)
April 2012
The 14th century walls of this city are undamaged
During our tour we learned specifics of the history and architecture
Cobblestone Streets
"Half-timbered" homes identified by images not numbers

Many unique shops...decorated for Easter
as well as a Christmas Museum

From beautifully preserved fortifications
You can look down on the surrounding countryside
The Main Square of the City

What are all these people looking at?
They're waiting for the town clock to strike noon
Then the doors open...
and the figures drink their steins of beer

We ate lunch in a local restaurant.

Then we explored the town on our own
We climbed up on the city wall
Looking down from the wall
Houses are incorporated into the wall itself

On the way back to the boat we stopped briefly in Wurzburg
The "Residenz" of prince-bishop brothers Schoenborn
Completely destroyed during WWII and rebuilt