Regensburg (2012)
April 2012
The famous stone bridge constructed during the 12th century is Germany's oldest bridge.
The ancient Roman city wall is still visible in the city as buildings were built incorporating the structure

The oldest and newer towers of St Peter's Cathedral are visible here
The Bishop's Courtyard
St. Peter's Cathedral

The magnificent stained glass windows and altar are visible although
the traditional darkness of Gothic Cathedrals make photos difficult.


This medieval city was not physically damaged during WWII
However, the narrow streets remember the human cost with brass memorials in the pavement to those deported to the camps.
Medieval homes of rich families can be identified by their towers. The higher the tower the richer the occupants.
An old well
Approaching the stone bridge
The view from the bridge

In the museum the history of the bridge was told through animation
including its role as a site for executions.
If it's Germany, there must be pastry