Medzilaborce & Habura, Slovakia
To experience Easter traditions of my Rusyn heritage we traveled to eastern Slovakia to visit with family discovered during my search for roots in 2008.
We were one week late for Byzantine Easter (same as Roman Catholic Easter), but the Orthodox observe the same traditions.
The people bring baskets of traditional food on Easter morning to be blessed by the priest.
Chanted prayers filled the air as the procession made its way around the church
Holy Water is sprinkled on the baskets and the people too..
Afterwards everyone goes home to eat
The Andy Warhol Museum in the distance. His mother was born in a nearby village
Close-up detail of the elaborately decorated Easter Eggs
Everything in this picture were gifts from my family
Visiting with family after church

Visiting with my cousin who lives in the family home in Habura The grave of my grandfather Gregory Dupkanich
The Byzantine Catholic Church in Habura
The family cares for the grave wth flowers and candles.
Visiting with more family members
The Wooden Church in Habura is a replica of the original


There are three memorial plaques representing three religions:
Greek Catholics, Orthodox, and Jews.
In 3 languages all have the same message.
"God doesn't care what religion you are, only how you live your life"
also the commandment
" I am your God, do not have other gods before me."

The original church was sold in 1935 to a town in the Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia)
We visited the original church in the city of Hradec Kralove
The Divine Liturgy is still celebrated there