Mainz (2012)
April 2012
This city displays historical and modern architecture together
Original location of the city wall
The Opera House
St Martin's Cathedral - Romanesque style from the 11th century
The market square is adjacent to the cathedral
Tower of the original city wall
Cathedral Bell Tower
Church of St Augustine
Johannes Gutenberg was born in Mainz in about 1397. Here he invented movable type whose creation transformed the world

In the Gutenberg Museum we saw a demonstration of the process.
When a volunteer was need from the audience,
Joe was chosen as "printer"

The letters were set. Traditional ink was rolled across the typeface.
Paper was laid on the type. The tray was rolled into the press.

Then the paper was pressed down onto the type.

The result was a printed page from the Bible.

Afterwards we saw 3 original Bibles in the museum vault.

We met a possible relative Ulrich Backofen, a conductor well known in Europe, and his wife Sibylle, also a musician.

After a tour of the town, we had lunch in a local restaurant
"Augustinerkeller" Restaurant & Weinstube