Heidelberg (2012)
April 2012
Located on the river Neckar, the city's 15th century castle dominates the surrounding area.
It is the largest castle ruin in Germany

The castle courtyard
View of the city, river, stone bridge (1786-88) and the 14th century Church of the Holy Spirit
Tourists looking for the "largest wine vat in the world"
usually stop to photograph the one at left.

Then they turn a corner and climb to the top of the real one
(see below)

This is the most we could get in one frame
Here's the view from the top of the 58,124 gallon vat.
The Castle Museum includes a pharmacy of the era.

Baroque Jesuit Church (18th Century) on University Square

with an unusual liturgy scheduled

The Grand Lecture Hall of the University of Heidelberg

This is the Student Prison (Karzer)
where from 1712-1914 students
were "confined" for a variety of offenses
including drunkenness and illegal fencing duels.

Eventually it became an accepted rite of passage
to serve time here.

The walls reflect the spirit of the times

Strolling through the city

On the Stone Bridge