Banska Bystrica
April 2012
This 13th century city was a center of gold, silver and copper mining from Medieval times.
In 1944 it was the center of the Slovak National Uprising (Slovenske narodne povstanie)
Main Market Square

Church of the Holy Spirit
Church of Our Lady (begun in 1255)
Monument to Liberation by the Red Army
This view from our hotel room shows the passage to the market square
Pope John Paul II Center
Museum of the Slovak National Uprising

During World War II. on August 29, 1944, partisans liberated Banská Bystrica from the German occupation and the city became the centre of the Slovak National Uprising. The Slovak Army and guerrilla troops had the seat here and a guerrilla broadcaster transmitted from the city

Banners and Artifacts of the Resistance

John F. Kennedy
The red marked zones represent regions of Partisan resistance.
My ancestral villages of Sambron and Habura in the northeast
are included in these zones

Uniforms and light weapons used by German, Slovak, Russian, English and US forces

Famous armor and artillery are displayed outside the museum