Main Sites around the City

Crown Gate to the Zwinger Castle
Courtyard of the Zwinger Castle
Crown Gate Closeup
Gate toward the Opera House
Crown Gate and Fountain
Gate toward the center of old town with Residence Castle on the left
The High Church (Catholic Cathedral) and Residence Castle
The High Church with the Residence Castle
High Church with closeup of building statues
Front View of the High Church (Catholic Cathedral)
The city has numerous statues commemorating its rulers, many of whom were named Frederick August.
This mural is a timeline commemorating the rulers of Dresden and Saxony from its founding
The Lutheran Frauenkirche lay in ruins after the WWII bombing.
It was rebuilt using as many of the original stones as possible according to the original plans
Closeup of cannon in the courtyard
Fragment from the original Frauenkirche
The August Bridge between the old town and new town
The Golden Rider in the new town at the August Bridge
The Japanese Palace was a building contructed by the ruler to house his collection of Japanese artifacts
Crossing the August Bridge with a View of the Old Town
View of Old Town and Elbe River Walk
Cafe Area by the River
Steps to River Walk Terrace
Semper Opera House
The Semper Opera House
A new excavation with Frauenkirche in the background