Main Sites of the City

The Berliner Dom - The Cathedral of the Hohenzollern Royal Family
Additional photos are in a separate webpage
St Hedwig's Cathedral - Oldest Catholic Church in Berlin
The Nikolaikirche built around 1230
Church built by the ruler for the French Huguenots
Monument to Kaiser Wilhelm on Unter den Linden Strasse
TV tower built during the Communist Era (Berlin's highest building)
"Winged Victory" Monument
Humboldt University Library - The Site of the Infamous Burn Burning of the Nazi Era
Preserved section of the Berlin Wall and a timeline exhibit of Nazi terror
Both of these topics are expanded in separate webpages
Gendarme Marketplace and Concert Hall (Schauspielhaus)
The Bundestag - Reichstag Building with viewing area in the dome
The Brandenburg Gate
The Bismark Memorial
Poseidon Fountain
The German Museum
Soviet War Memorial and burial site of 2500 soldiers in the battle for Berlin