World War II
Jewish Synogogue from WWII
Memorial to the victims of WWII

The Holocaust Memorial - Different perspectives from various vantage points
"Empty Bookshelves" Memorial to the Book Burning
"Where they burn books, they will eventually burn people"
Bronze Plaques in the sidewalk
mark the homes of citizens deported to the camps.
A timeline of WWII terror was constructed adjacent to the preserved section of the Berlin Wall.
The "Topography of Terror" Museum is nearby.

The memorial at left is easily overlooked.
It represents the first successful protest against the Nazis.

Several hundred German women who were married to Jewish men marched on the railway station from which their husbands were to be deported to the camps. Although in this one instance Hitler relented and released the men, a sculpture some distance away of a disinterested figure sitting on a bench represents the general apathy of the German people to what was going on around them.

After the attempted assassination of Hitler,
the conspirators was killed here by firing squad.
After the bombing of Berlin
this is all that remained of the largest railroad station in Europe.
A WWII bunker
Hitler's bunker is under this parking lot.
The Russian Army erected this memorial within 6 weeks of taking Berlin.
Several thousand Red Army soldiers are buried here.