Le Mont Saint-Michel (2015)
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Czech Republic &
This medieval, fortified abbey is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

A village grew up around the base of the abbey.
The many shops and restaurants serve
the 3 million tourists who visit each year


Climbing the 300 feet to the church at the top provides magnificant 360* views
This rock is 1 mile from shore
& once only accessible by travelling across the dangerous sands.
In 1880 a causeway was built to provide safe access for visitors

Transport of some material is done via this chute
St Michael the Archangel stands atop the steeple

According to legend:

St Michael the Archangel appeared in a dream
to St Aubert, the Bishop of Avranches
and commanded him to built a monastery on this site.

The Bishop resisted this direction as just a dream
until waking up with a bruise after the 3rd dream.

The monastery was founded about the year 708

The ambitious constuction seen today
was begun in 1017
and completed in 1520

The sand (or mud) flats are impressive.
Signs are posted that all cars should be removed to avoid damage during high tide.
There are many areas for visitors to rest during the climb to the top
This is a small chapel on the way to the pinnacle
The cemetery outside contains many ancient graves