Pardubice, Czech Republic(2015)
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Czech Republic &
Pardubice is a lovely city about 2 hours southeast of Prague with a charming medieval town square.
Joe was presenting a paper at a conference at the university, something he has done before
This year the conference coincided with the Czech National Half Marathon.
The town square was the site of the finish line.

Cobblestoned streets are lovely,
unless you do not watch where you are going

The evening before the race I twisted my ankle on an uneven surface
and spent the night with an ice pack an an ace bandage.
My plan to run the half marathon was in doubt

This building fascinated me.
The phrase under the cross in the chalice says:
"Truth Will Win"
Services are held on the 2nd floor for a Hussite congregation

The sign at the entrance (Sportovni Zbozi)
is advertising that sporting goods are sold on the first floor
Customers enter the shop through the white door
at the right side of the photo below

The Gateway to the "Zamok" (palace)
The palace was the location of the conference banquet
Peacocks were everywhere and showed off for the visitors