Le Havre, France (1945 & 2015)
Walking in my Dad's Footsteps
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After WWII ended in1945, my father's ship, the light cruiser USS Philadelphia was outfitted as a troop ship.
Operation "Magic Carpet" was the task of bringing the soldiers home from Europe
LeHavre, France was a main port of embarkation
Whenever possible, I try to visit the locations that Dad wrote about in his diary
At the end of the wharf I found this memorial to the event he described and photographed
The port and the city had been heavily bombarded
Today, it is a cruise port
Dad took pictures whenever he went ashore. I still have his camera
Today there is a lively fish market selling the catch from the sea
Dad and his fellow sailors were able to tour the area
The city was rebuilt with a lot of restoration and new construction.
My Dad Frank Paukstis is on the right
I thought that the Church of Notre Dame (at right)
might be the one in this photo, but the interior looks different.
There were a lot of churches in Le Havre

Sometimes I could see similarities in the type of architecture, but mostly we just explored the area adjacent to the port
These must be the streets where Dad walked
Rebuilding a city devastated by war is a daunting task
Today commerce and art reign where bombs once fell