Wine Half Marathon
Pardubice, Czech Republic
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In the Prague airport we were greeted by this sculpture

While walking the cobblestone streets I neglected to notice this

So the night before the race I was nursing a twisted ankle
with an ice pack and ace bandage

With my ankle reminding me to take it easy,
especially on cobblestones, I showed up at the starting line.

I had a great time running only to enjoy the experience
I was the only American and the oldest woman by 6 years
I had plenty of company on the course. All just running for the joy of it
I walked all sections of cobblestones, except for the finish
Lots of music, food and beer at the after-race celebration. I wanted many shots of this background.
How often do you finish a race in front of a monument erected in gratitude for the end of the Black Plague?
Many spectators were encouraging and congratulated the old American
We couldn't celebrate for long. Back to Prague for a flight to Paris
Gotta love racing here. A shirt, a medal and a bottle of wine!