Costa Rica (2023)
The Pacific Coast
Nov 2023
We were last in Costa Rica in 1994 with the same 2 long time friends

Because recent hurricane damage caused us
to skip the port of Acapulco,
we made an extra stop at Puerto Caldera on the
West Coast of Costa Rica

This gave me an opportunity to wear
the hand embroidered dress that I bought
in 1994 on the East Coast of Costa Rica

The yellow color on the dress
says Costa Rica

The excursion information said the countryside was very beautiful which was true
Unfortunately, tour buses obscured the view of the church which was not open at that time

We did have a lovely opportunity to meet local teachers and their students
who performed native dances for our group

Joe met 2 friends

I explained in Spanish the significance of my dress
and posed with the children

Our last stop was "El Jardin" where we had a local drink, viewed native artifacts and bought souvenirs