Onboard the Windstar Legend (2022)

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The Windstar Legend Motor Yacht
was completely refurbished in 2021
and can accommodate 312 guests
in "all suite" cabins

Beautiful sunrises each morning from our balcony
Another vanatage point was the forward facing "Yacht Club"
where breakfast pastries and beverages were available from 6 am

Our cabin was spacious and even included a "walk in" closet
Sometimes rough seas sounded like
a cannon when a wave hit the hull
A funny optical illusion due to the refraction index of the glass and water

Time alone in the hot tub because everyone else went ashore
Luckily the medical staff stayed on board
Yes, it was "slippery when wet"

A Greek Dance Group provided entertainment
Passengers were invited to join in - Eileen is near the pole
The evening of the Crew Show
Night stroll on deck
Many options for dining
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