Ephasus, Port of Kusadasi - Turkey(2022)

Index Cruise
A beautiful beginning to a long awaited day - Our return to Ephasus

The fort at the entrance to the Kusdasi harbor

The Library at Ephasus is the most well known site
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of the extensive excavations
The large covered area is the Terrace Houses
which are still being excavated
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Exiting the Terrace Houses from the top level, we had the same view of the city below
that the well-to-do residents of the Terrace Houses once looked down upon
Each time we have visited

there is so much more to be seen

New excavations continue to yield

new discoveries

Directions to a brothel - Turn LEFT

The Amphitheater
This was once the main thoroughfare to the harbor - The city is now well inland
The end of our daytime tour, but not the end of our visit to Ephasus
After the site was closed to the public at 7:00 pm, Windstar passengers returned for a special event
Dinner at the library with a chamber orchestra under the stars
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