Cagliari, Sardinia - Italy(2022)

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Cagliari is a historic city located on the island of Sardinia. This was our first visit here
It is home to archaeological treasures, centuries-old churches, medieval monuments, and museums.
Our guide described the history and architecture of the city
As we passed the Church of Our Lady of Bonaire, she related the legend of how the image
our Our Lady calmed a storm which was threatening a ship with destruction
Since then Our Lady of Bonaire is revered as the Patron Saint of Sailors
In the background one can see the salt flats that figured prominently in the island's history

This island has been inhabited for thousands of years
Our main destination was the National Archeological Museum

The Museum was comprehensive and well organized
display of thousands of years of island history
Click HERE or the photo below for a complete tour

Our next stop was the Caligari Cathedral with a beautiful interior
Click HERE or either photo below for a visit inside