Ocean Cay (2022)
MSC's Private Island in the Caribbean

Index Cruise
MSC created this "private island" as a marine reserve. It had previous been an industrial waste dump
The effort took several years and work is ongoing as trees and flora grow and marine life increases
The view of the island from the ship
A bizarre incident as we walked to pick up

our snorkeling gear

A golf cart backed up, hit a light pole

knocked it down and as it fell

it hit me on the back of my leg.

Immediate icing helped and we proceeded

with our day
 We got our gear and found a shady spot next to a rented cabana
The snorkeling equipment was excellent (Aqua Lung)
We snorkeled across the lagoon, saw fish and a "lemon shark" which we were assured does not bother people

Looking UP
Joe is relaxing too