Messina, Sicily - Italy(2022)

Index Cruise
This was our 3rd visit to Messina (Spring 2022 & 2011 with 3 generations (links at end)
Entering the Harbor at Sunrise
We walked the harbor area

Hugging the coast revealed a different view of the city

The mobile stuctures below seem to have been part of a parade

At right a permanent memorial

We have visited the church tower in the background
on previous visits
A Palazzo and Poseidon
Recreation and Fishing along the shoreline

Some monuments were erected for individuals
often without explanation

Others memorialize the sacrifices of war

The pilot boat's arrival signals it's time to leave
Once more past the harbor monument
"We Bless You and the City Itself" - According to legend, the Apostle Paul carried a letter to the people of Messina
In which the Holy Mother said that she appreciated their devotion and would grant them perpetual protection
1900 later the statue of the Golden Madonna was erected over the old fort San Salvatore
Our previous visits to Messina
2011 with 3 generations --------- Spring 2022