Marseille & The Frioul Islands -France (2022)

Index Cruise
We flew from Istanbul to Marseille to fulfill part of my WWII Project
Following the locations my Dad described in his WWII Diary aboard the USS Philadelphia
Our hotel was a few minutes walk from the "Old Port" (Vieux Port)
It was an overcast morning
The Cathedral was shrouded in fog

Local people still were enjoying the morning
I strolled the streets briefly but my goal was in a different direction

From this port I would board a ferry to the Frioul Islands
In 1944 this Nazi stronghold surrendered
to my Dad's ship

This day would not have been possible without the assistance of Bernard Descales,
whose interest & research about WWII Marseille provided a unique local perspective.
He volunteered to be my guide as I remembered my Dad's experience

The early weather forcast was beneficial to us since we were able to easily book tickets for the afternoon ferry
This is often difficult on a Sunday when the islands are a popular recreational destination for locals and tourists alike

The sky was clearing and the fog had disappeared
As we sailed out of the harbor Bernard pointed out sites of interest
including defensive positions of the city dating back to medieval times

The rectangular building is a museum,
a destination for a future visit

Our Destination is in Sight

The Frioul Archipelago consists of the islands of Ratonneau and Pomegues
connected by a long causeway (Digue Berry) and 2 other tiny islands

Bernard and I were soon joined by 4 of his friends with detailed knowledge of the historical significance of the islands
The woman is a permanent resident of the island (population 150)
Click HERE for photos of our extensive tour as we explored the island
Our Day on the Frioul Islands is over and it's time to board the ferry back to the city of Marseille

A final brief stop at the Historical Museum of Marseille
where Roman ruins, ships and artifacts of the Roman Era are on display
This site must wait for another visit to the city. Our cruise ship leaves tomorrow morning to continue our journey

The next day we boarded the MSC Meraviglia
to continue our journey

We sailed past the Frioul Islands and looked back
at the area from which the Philadelphia fired its shells

A good view of the causeway connecting the 2 main islands