Corsica - France(2022)

Index Cruise
Sailing into the harbor at Ajaccio, Corsica - The Birthplace of Napoleon
The Meraviglia is a huge ship
Our first stop was the Napoleon Memorial
A sudden downpour sent everyone running for cover
while ship staff handed out plastic raincoats
The rain stopped and we resumed our tour
The rainbow was a hopeful sign

The weather remained unsettled and unpredictable during our ride along the coast

Our next stop in Ajaccio, Corsica was the Church

where Napoleon's family worshipped and

where he was baptized.

A walk through town contained continuous
references to his life

His home, his museum and even a pub
containing assorted artifacts & suvenirs


"Le Baptistere: (1593) where Napoleon
was baptized July 21, 1771
Before returning to the ship, we stopped at the local market
In August of 1854, the General Council of Ajaccio commissioned
this monument to Napoleon and his four brothers