Bridgetown, Barbados (2022)

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Barbados is an independent island nation in the Caribbean
Barbados became a parliamentary republic in 2021.
The British monarch had been the head of state, locally represented by a governor-general.
The head of state is now the president, who serves a four-year term.
After crossing the Atlantic, Barbados is our 1st port
The map shows our next 2 ports

At 2.5 kts, we are ready to dock

This is our 3rd visit to Barbados. In Dec 2021 we spent the day on the Beach
In Sept 2018 we visited Harrison's Cave

This time we decided to snorkle with the turtles
We boarded an open air island bus for a short ride to our catamaran

 Joe did not want to stress the stitches in his foot, so he elected to stay onboard and be our official photographer

This is the first time I had ever snorkled without him so I was already missing the security of his presence in the water
In addition, I found the equipment provided substandard. NO FLIPPERS -
the Mask did not fit well and the mouthpiece was so big that it hurt my mouth

I swam around for awhile, really missing the boost of flippers. Saw a few fish but no turtles
I skipped the option of swimming out to a shipwreck. I've seen those before
Lesson Learned: I decided for any future trips I would purchase and pack my own mask
Sailing back to our ship was pleasant enough except for the antics of "Jabba the Hutt" forever etched in our memory
The crew described the houses and even famous people who live here
While the lunch was not great,
there was plenty of beer and rum punch
Our ship is in the distance