Chacchoben Ruins(2019)
January 2019

It was a long, windy walk along the pier in Costa Maya
No time to stop - Off to explore the ruins - outside of the city
Luis, our guide, explained how the Mayan city was
reclaimed by the jungle after
the fall of the empire

Luis shared his knowledge not only of the ruins and Mayan culture but also the flora of the area
Luis displayed and explained artwork that was found here on the walls when excavated
Waiting my turn for the photo op

A view from the pyramid
On to the next excavation

Foundations for the houses that once
surrounded a playing field

Our guide provided a ball from natural rubber
as would have been used by the Mayans

Lugar del Maiz Colorado
"The place of the colored corn"

Our guide set up at the base
of this location which had once been walled
and contained multiple pyramids

Luis had artwork that showed
how it probably looked
during the time of the Mayans

Uncovered, restored Mayan Ruins
Locals in traditional Mayan costume