St Lucia(2018)
September 2018

Another Caribbean Sunrise
The Pitons - Twin Volcanic Spires
Vistas while driving to the Pitons
Looking down at our ship in the harbor
The Governor's House

Local Crafts and many kinds of rum

We bought this ONE doll from a local woman with a roadside stand.

Turning the doll upside down
produces a different outfit and headdress

She explain the significance of the number of "tufts"
One-Single: Two-Married: Three-Married with Children
Four - Uncommon
but either widowed or married but "looking"

The town Soufriere is in the crater of an ancient eruption
We're getting closer
Stopping for Lunch
Creative Bathroom Fixtures
Finally the steaming, bubbling volcano
Tourists used to be able to walk closer
Until 1985 when a guide fell through the crust.
This is "Gabriel's Hole" Gabriel received severe burns, but fortunately lived.
However, he "found another line of work"

Hot Springs surround the steaming volano

A Recreation of an historical banana planation