September 2018

We shared a taxi with a couple from New Zealand who was a source of information about out first stop
The island's Cricket Stadium - a game gaining popularity beyond the old British Empire, even in the US

Shirley Heights provides a panorama of the island below
Monserrat and Guadalupe visible in the distance
Driving back down to sea level we explored the historical English Harbor that was visible from the heights

Today the harbor (Nelson's Dockyard)
hosts vacation homes and private boats

Artifacts from its historical past are also on display outdoors and in the museum
As men once turned the winch, a fiddler sat on top to play tunes to encourage them in their labor
A brief stop at one of the oldest churches
on the island

Through the rain forest
and back to the sea with a clearer view of
Monserrat and Guadalupe
Beaches are public throughout the island. You may build near the shore but you cannot deny the public access to the beach