Plymouth (August 2018)
"Plimoth Plantation"
New England
A recreation of both Native American and English Villages circa 1620
Members of the Wampanoag tribe described life in their 17th village and present day descendants' lives
Native Cooking
and Craftsmenship
It took a few years for the English settlers to contruct a village like this.
According to the Wampanoag guide, the English first occupied a deserted Native American village.
It was abandoned because all inhabitants had died of some illness.
The wooden fort was built on the high ground as we learned earlier at the site of "Burial Hill"

Looking down into the village
Each house was identified with names of the settlers
Interior furnishings are replicas of those acquired by the settlers from subsequent arrivals of ships
from England bringing supplies and more settlers
"Settlers" stayed in character as they described life in the village
We would meet this young man again later in the day
Very "free range" chickens
Gardening plants that were cultivated back then
The village baking oven
Suddenly the "villagers" were summoned by a drumbeat and call to assembly
We recognized the drummer from one of the houses we visited
"Miles Standish" the leader of the "militia" took charge
All "men age 16 to 60" were called to do their duty BUT
the gender requirement was waived, reflecting 21st century reality
The age requirement was also changed to "anyone who can take direction and tell LEFT from RIGHT
Commander Standish demonstrated how to hold and use the lance
Close formation and
Off they go to defend the village