Gloucester (August 2018)
Hammond Castle
New England
This is Hammond Castle, built in the 1920s by inventor John Hammond Jr as a wedding present for his wife
It looks out on the sea at Hesperus Island
Imitating the castles of Europe, this is the "Great Hall"
Artifacts of his world travels
His wife preferred this alcove to the Great Hall
Hammond invented a special dye
to make the pool look shallow.
Then he startled his guests
by diving into it from the balcony above.
It is actually over 8 feet deep
This bronze image of himself was another present for his wife
She did not appreciate it and had the fig leaf added
Influenced by the churches of Europe
Our guide was the curator of the museum - a man with a wealth of knowledge
Many secret passages throughout the castle
Doors hidden by the wallpaper.
You had to press a particular flower to open them
Different views of the central courtyard