St Petersburg(2018)
Catherine's Palace - The "Summer Palace"
May 2018
This complex of buildings was for the royal family to "get away from the city" 18 miles away
The size and luxury of the surroundings still allowed for entertaining state and private visitors
Gold - Murals - Art Work - Painted Ceilings - Mirrors - Lavish Furnishing wherever you look
The dining table was arranged in a format
so all guests could see each other
These huge rooms required many
heating units and servants to attend them

The legendary "Amber Room" was lost
during Nazi occupation
Currently the palace has a recreation of the original
Photos are not permitted
These are photos of postcards

Original Furnishings
and Recreations of Clothing
This family area dislays original dolls of Princess Anastasia
who was killed along with the Czar and the rest of her family in the revolution of 1917
Exiting the rear of the main palace we saw many other remarkable buildings
Including a lake for recreation
This guest house had a unique "disappearing table"
The guests would order their meal and it would rise from the floor below fully prepared in front of each person