St Petersburg(2018)
May 2018
From our hotel we could see the domes of churches throughout the city
This green domed church was closed during Soviet times
and used for grain storage. It was built
to serve the Lithuanian population and now is open again
From this vantage point on the canal we can see 7 bridges
and our next stop - the "Sailors Church"
The Naval Cathedral of St Nicholas (The Sailors' Cathedral)
Erected in the 18th century to serve the many sailors who lived in the area
The Bell Tower of the Cathedral
stands some distance apart from the church
overlooking the Kryukov Canal

It is one of the most recognizable
landmarks of the city

The Cathedral of St Issac
was damaged during WWII and
has been elegantly restored
A few bullet holes remain in the colums as
a reminder of the destruction

When the doors of the iconostasis are opened
the stained glass window of "The Resurrected Christ" seems to welcome worshipers to the "Divine Liturgy"
The Cathedral Dome was a marvel of 18th century engineering
There are many other beautiful, historical churches
in St Petersburg, but not enough time to visit

Trinity Cathedral with its blue domes and gold stars
will be on our list for a future trip