St Petersburg(2018)
May 2018

Touring the city by bus and on foot
Remarkable churches and buildings

This was our one rainy day, but a little drizzle didn't matter

Our next stop will be the Peter and Paul Fortress - the first structure to be built in St Petersburg and the "birthplace of the city
Aerial view of the complex
Because of the need for rock, the Czar decreed
that anyone traveling to the city bring a rock with them.
That accounts for the various colors, sizes and shapes
in the courtyard

The Treasury Courtyard
Moneta means "coin"
and is also the name of our town in Virginia

Cathedral of St Peter and Paul
Tombs of the Czars, including Peter the Great
Empress Maria Feodorovna
Mother of Nicholas II
the last Czar of Russia

A native of Denmark, she was out of the country
when the 1917 revolution occurred

She died in 1928 but was
reinterred in this cathedral in 2010

The famous Artillery Museum
of St Petersburg
We will visit this on another trip