Machu Picchu(2018)
November 2018
Machu Picchu

Finally! The incredible site that we only knew through documentaries
Narrow pathways even along the terraced portions
Must be careful and watch our footing
We don't want to fall off the mountain
The weather can change quickly at 9,000 feet
Good to be prepared
Rain made the stone pathways slippery
Rain didn't dampen our spirits
Still Smiling!
Our guide Patty described the purpose of ceremonial platforms throughout the ruins
Next morning - November 3 - the rain is gone
Patty, our wonderful, knowledgeable guide
Glad I brought a hiking stick
The iconic view in documentaries
Ceremonial Stones
The river is a long way down
Hanging onto my hat. Can't retrieve it from up here
Now let's climb even higher
Follow the llamas?
On the way we met up with members of our group
who began their climb at 6am, 3 hours before we did.

They showed us the photo at right, far above our current location
The winding ribbon of road is the route the bus takes
from Aguas Caliente to the entrance of Machu Picchu

OK, let's go up there OR maybe not,
Our awesome journey ends here.
It's still a long trek back down

On to our next adventure!