The 2nd largest city in Peru and Capital of Inca Empire
November 2018
Machu Picchu

Traveling to Cusco we stopped for lunch and were treated to a concert of music played on indigenous instruments

View of the valley as we travelled the winding mountain road back up to Cusco
Sacsayhuaman is an archaeological site on the outskirts of Cusco
It covers about 8,600 acres using huge limestone blocks in its construction
This site played an important role in Incan rituals and defense of the city
Adjacent to Sacsayhuaman, a huge statue of Christ overlooks the city of Cusco
Cusco's main square at night
Where Joe can still find dessert
Mural showing the progression from ancient times to the present
The Church of Santo Domingo in the background was built on the site of the Temple of the Sun
The cross is at the entrance to the church

Many artifacts are inside

This room was designed to allow a precise stream of sunlight
through its windows for religious purposes
The floor is original
Here is the astronomical window of this room
Original Inca elements of the complex reused to build the church
Cusco Cathedral and Main Square
This monument is at the intersection of the two rivers that now flow under the streets of Cusco
The craft market